Getting your home ready
1. General Preparation
* Be Shoot-Ready
- I may move small items to improve compositions, but cleaning and staging needs to be done before I arrive, preferably the day before your photoshoot.
- Arrange furniture as much as possible.
- I also tweak and reposition certain items or furniture in order to get the best shot, but if more than 25% of my photoshoot time are spent on making things look neat or tidying up any area, then this will be charged extra.  In such case, I will discuss this beforehand with the client and agree on any extra costs.
- Remove any items that will clutter your space.
- Clean and tidy up all surfaces such as tables, equipment, etc.

* Secure Or Remove Pets
- Dogs must be secured or off the property to ensure the safety of myself and my equipment.
- Cats should be secured as well, although they usually pose fewer problems.
- Please also hide pet food and water bowls.

* Plan Not To Be Seen
- All occupants should plan on either being off the property or remain in areas where they can't be seen during photoshoots.  Room overlap in the photos, people can cause shadows and reflections and there is risk to equipment that will be setup throughout the property.
* Windows
- Every little smudge or mark shows up in pictures; therefor it's important to have them as clean and see-through as possible.
* Special Items / Close-Ups
- If you have any special items you'd like to be photographed, let me know up front.  For example: artwork, antique furniture, etc.
* Valuables
- Please hide any valuable items you don't want photographed.
* Flowers / Plants
- having a vase with fresh flowers or a pot plant to fill up an empty space will make an otherwise boring shot look fantastic
2. Outside Preparation
* Clear All Vehicles
- Please make sure no cars are in the driveway and if possible also moved from the street in front of the home.  We want to have as clear view of the property as possible.
* Prep The Yard
- Yards or garden areas should be cleared of any toys, tools, etc.
- Please try and have a neatly cut, green lawn with no wheelbarrows, buckets or garden hoses showing.
- If you have a pool and/or spa or hot tub, try to have it as clear blue (or at least have the water crystal clear when the pool / tub is not blue in colour) as possible and ideally without any hoses or cleaning equipment in it.
- Also remove any coverings.

* Prep Water Features
- If you have fountains, waterfalls, etc. please clean them and provide instructions on how to turn them on.
* Turn Off Sprinklers
- Do not water the day of the shoot to prevent puddles of water.
* Pick Up The Poop
- If you have a dog, make sure that all droppings are cleared from the yard.
* Clean Patio Furniture
- Dust off and remove cobwebs from all outdoor furniture.
- Please do not hose down your furniture on the day of the photoshoot, since this can create puddles.

3. Inside Preparation
* De-Clutter Kitchen
- A few items on the counters are usually fine, but dishes, sponges, rags, detergents, etc. should be put away.
- It's also best to remove all magnets, pictures, etc. from the refrigerator.
- This also goes for cupboard doors and walls.
- Remember that "Less is more"

* De-Clutter Bathrooms
- All personal items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors, etc. should be hidden.
- Decorative unused soaps, candles, flowers, etc. are preferred.
- It's also good to remove all throw rugs from the floor.
- remove smudges from mirrors
- hide toilet paper and bins
- you can hang the towels or stack them when neatly folded or rolled
- open the shower curtain
- although I take effort in not showing any toilet in any shots, occasionally with small bathrooms this is not possible and toilet lids must therefor be closed

* Prep Bedrooms
- All bedrooms should have their beds made neatly with clean sheets, duvet's, etc.
- Put away any items that will clutter the space.
- Lights should all be working and bedside lamps should preferable have the same colour bulbs ("warm" or "white" - these don't look nice when not matched).
- Please close all cupboard doors, pack away all clutter and remove all marks on mirrors.

* Hide Trashcans
- Trashcans doesn't look nice in any photo; please hide them.
* Hide Portable Fans
- It's best to hide all portable fans.
* Hide Cords And Remotes
- In some instances electrical cords can't be hidden, but the pictures will look much better if they can be hidden.  - Also hide TV or other remotes, game consoles, etc.
* Clear Entrances / Foyers
- Please remove all shoes, umbrellas and similar items from your entryways.
* Open Blinds And Curtains
- If you have indoor areas with views outside that are appealing, then leave the blinds and/or curtains open.  In most cases, even with not so appealing views to the outside, the pictures looks best with natural light coming in from the outside.
* Turn On Lights
- Please replace all burned-out bulbs or lights at least 24 hours before the photoshoot and make sure that all interior lights are turned on just before the photoshoot.
* Turn Off Ceiling Fans
- Please make sure all ceiling fans are turned off before the photoshoot.
4. Twilight Preparation
* Turn On All Interior And Exterior Lights
All lights throughout the property should be turned on.  Please replace all burned-out bulbs at least 24 hours before the photoshoot.
* Turn On Spas And Remove Covers
Please remove the spa or hot tub cover and hide it in a storeroom, cupboard or garage.  Also turn on the spa and it's lights.
* Turn On Pool Lights
Please turn on all pool lights before the photoshoot.
* Turn On Water Features
Please turn on any fountains, waterfalls or similar water features.
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